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Don't Like Plymouth? You haven't met Nancy.

Nancy makes stuff. I have a very good friend (several, in fact) who spend a lot of time complaining about the people in this town. Small minded, they say. Too conservative, they say. Not friendly, they say. Uptight. Blue-blood. Republican. (GASP!) Yes, there are those people. So what? Anyone who complains about this town hasn't met enough Nancies. Let's talk about Nancy Carroll.  First of all, I don't really know Nancy all that well, and yet I know her completely. We have never really hung out, but we're like totally BFFs. I run into her sometimes at dawn on the waterfront, and we stop to talk. She is out walking, by herself. We talk about didjeridoos, ukuleles, and nose flutes. Nancy is an artist. We laugh about something, really hard. I tell her that she lives on a pedestal in my mind. She is one of the Very Special People. I don't even really know Nancy. But I totally know Nancy.  So... I don't know... Nancy is somewhere in her late 60s, 70s maybe? Age is irr

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