Wellesley College Annual Ceili December 6

This from Laurel Martin

The Wellesley College Fiddleheads invite folks to join them for their annual ceili.

It will be held at Tishman Commons, the Wang Student Center at Wellesley College on Saturday evening December 6 from 7-9 PM. The ceili will be called by Jaclyn O'Riley, and all the dances will be taught so everyone is welcome regardless of your level of experience with ceili dancing. Live music will be provided by the Wellesley College Fiddleheads with Laurel Martin, (Fiddleheads Director), the fabulous Helen Kisiel on piano, and guests Sarah Thomae, Lydia Shaw, and Betsy Sullivan on fiddle. (And there is a pub right across the hall so they are hoping to drum up a little session afterwards---we'll see what happens!) Admission is free and refreshments will be served during the break. All ages are welcome.