Irish Session and A Course at Bridgewater...

Hi folks... Two fun musical opportunities to tell you about. Please share
with anyone you think might be interested. Open to all!

First, you are invited:

Wed, April 15
Irish Session!
Bridgewater State College
Sue and Steve Lindsay, with fiddler Brendan Bulger, will host a traditional
Irish session under the umbrella of "Improv Night" at Bridgewater
State College. Also, I hear tell that Helen Kisiel (piano) and Brendan Tonra
(fiddle) will join us for the evening.

This is an opportunity for students, faculty, and members of the community
(that's you!) to join together for a night of music making, Irish style. All
are welcome! Feel free to join us or just hang out. Refreshments will be
provided by the music department.

Campus Center, Room 004 (One Park Avenue.)
Bridgewater State College
7:00-9:00 pm


Registration soon begins for the Bridgewater State College Traditional Irish
Music Ensemble. See flier above for details, and note that you don't have
to be a full-time Bridgewater student to enroll. Course is for 1 college
credit, and meets twice weekly. Also includes several performance
opportunities through the semester. For enrollment and registration details,
call 508-531-1377 ... PREREGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. If we don't meet the
minimum, then the college cancels the class before the semester even begins.
We had such a blast last semester, and really want this course to continue.
Enroll now and get a free tee-shirt...