100 Days of Practice, Day 15, Part 2: YEAH.

Tonight's practice: a big YEAH. Affirmative. So affirmative I wrote it in big letters in the practice log, at the end of my supposed fifteen minutes "just do it quick before bed" turned into more than an hour. Before I started, I wrote down most modest goals for today's session in my log book, and alas... the list expanded as I went. (More about practice logs tomorrow... unless other inspiration hits.)

Sound is getting there. Something is happening. Great, great joy.

But, lesson: Take nothing for granted, you multi-instrumentalists. Tried the HA-TA-TA long tones just from middle G to middle C on the alto sax tonight. The alto, which I've been playing since age 9. These long tones kicked my, um... What I mean to say is, my chops hurt after just a few notes. Wow. Great lesson. Then worked on two tunes on the alto... then moved to soprano and worked on two tunes... then flute for my short list of tunes... a list that just expanded tonight.

Looks like the "just pick up the instrument" thing will no longer do, and it is with great joy that I'm leaving that behind. Great, great joy.

Thought it would be hard to make it 100 days. Now I'm wondering how I could NOT do it. 15 days in, and the bug has bit. How about you? It will.

But beware the dreaded plateau. It will come. Be ready for "All this practice and I'm getting nowhere." First of all, it's not true. But second of all, have this answer ready for yourself: "You're already somewhere. Stick around for a while and enjoy the scenery."


Kerry Dexter said…
'you're already somewhere, stick around for awhile and enjoy the scenery.'

that's great -- so true, and it made me laugh too.
congrats on having a great gig at Johnny D's.
Peig said…
day 16

soddy neighbors down again. Why can't they come on friday nights like the rest of the world??????

Have to think about tomorrow am practice....

This leaving the whistle out on my livivng room table is working great. I get in my Structured thing in the am (need to hear more about log) but I get in a lot of additional time on a very casual basis. Playing something I a love or trying to get through a set by memory. Either way I am lovin the scenery!!!!