100 Days of Practice, Day 16 late!: Too Much Music to Write!

What a day Thursday was... two morning concerts with Debbie and Friends at the Cape Cod Center Playhouse (I'll post pics when they come!). Debbie's got a new song, "I'm So So Happy" coming on her new CD, and yesterday was the premier live performance of it. Such a great song!

Then a great lunch with friends who came to the show, an afternoon at the Farmer's Market with the babes (the little one and the husband), an amazing scallop dinner (recipe below)... followed by a surprise homemade dessert brought over by a neighbor. A cuddle with my girl, then a twenty minute practice session, then ran out to see and play with my friend Suzanne McNeill in Quincy. There, you can check out her video for her original song, "Lost in Boston." Suzanne's originally from Cape Breton and now she's doing her amazing thing here, and you just gotta check her out if you can... You'll see her video on that home page...

So. Yeah. Again, it's a new life if I can squeeze twenty minutes of saxophone playing into an already busy day—and like it. The theme continues: YEAH.

The recipe, thanks to the Soule Farm farmer's market lady... just throw some fresh chives into a blender with good olive oil, add salt and lemon and use this as a marinade for scallops... grill the scallops... and you end up with food that makes you say "YEAH," at the grill, all by yourself. I know I did.