100 Days of Practice: Day 2

Well... nothing yet. The little one woke up at the same time as I did, and now I'm at work. Stay tuned. I'll check in later.

By the way, why so public? Two reasons.

1) Accountability. It's like having an exercise partner. If you're here checking in on me, then I'd better do it.

2) Sharing. Not because I think I'm unique or special, but because I think I'm NOT unique or special. That is, lots of us may be sharing this journey: there's something we've been meaning to do every day (eat right, exercise, quit smoking, whatever) but we never get to it. Human condition.

This blog is not about the Facebook approach of telling the world everything I'm doing, as if you'd be interested. It's more about sharing a journey that I think a lot of people can relate to. And I'm hoping you stay along with me, because it would be fun to share it, and I think playing music makes a person's life better.



Susan said…
I've got my eye on you!

I started my blog because for years I told myself I should write every day. There's something about doing it publicly that's very motivational - even if no one's reading!
Peig said…
day 2
I think I have found what will work for me

am-play through all my tunes
pm-sit with headset and work on one or two tunes in detail or fingerings
Mark, hang in, there is always another day
Soul Mama said…
Hi Susan! Glad you are here! Have been thinking of you guys and your awesome kids. We need another get together!

As for yesterday: Does a two hour gig count instead of practice? The Lindsays played the Plymouth Farmer's Market yesterday afternoon and had a blast. I think that counts!

Peig: That is great! What works can change as you move forward, but it is so good to have structure. I think it's the only way. There's one thing to play every day, but it really is another thing altogether to actually focus on fixing things, learning things. So I suppose I cheated yesterday by using a gig as practice... but hey, whatever works!!!! :)