100 Days of Practice, Day 20: Is Gigging Practice?

Back at it now. Just wanted to observe a couple days of silence, leave Jerry at the top of the blog for a few days.

In the meantime, the 100 Days continue and with style.

Experiment yesterday: Can lots of playing substitute for practice? Conclusion: No.

We planned to go to Bill Black's session at Tommy Doyle's in the afternoon, then I had a gig there with Stage Door Canteen later that night. That's about four hours of playing. I thought I'd give myself a break and not hit the practice room. Actually, frankly I didn't have a chance so I thought I'd at least get my playing in and still count it as a day.

Because it was an experiment, it still counts as a day. But as it turns out, it doesn't work. Gigging is not the same as practicing. And playing is not the same as practicing.

Practicing requires a certain mindfulness, an awareness and focus, an intentionality. Performing does too, but not quite the same kind. Performing is where the rubber hits the road. Practice is where you install and pump up the tires. Practice is where you can fix your errors.

Conclusion: Performing does NOT substitute. Same joy should be brought to both endeavors, but the focus is different.


Peig said…
day 20

head down and uphill. Working through the set with twin measures and not getting lost. Counting heavily on my ear.

I agree with the gig/practise thought. When I was on a gig in another instrument lifetime I went on auto pilot and did not work out any problems. Although you still work on your endurance, chops and ear while on a gig you do not always progress toward goals.
Peig said…
day 21

AT LAST!!!!! broke the twin measure demon in the new set. Played through three times with no stuck spots. Very pleased with my silly little self. Then played through the rest of the sets and some long tones. half hour flew by and may play more tonite.

Looking forwad to lesson soon.
Soul Mama said…
Rock on Peig. I CANNOT WAIT to hear you!!!!!