100 Days of Practice, Day 31: Practicing in the Smart Car

Now, I thought basement practicing was a sign of commitment, but Peig has it over all of us, hands down. Driving her SmartCar to the cemetery and practicing there. You know, because it's hot out and the car has A/C. Oh, to be a fly on the windshield.

This brings me to a favorite site, www.chiffandfipple.com, and their treatise on knee driving and whistling. I admit it: I've done it and learned a million tunes while driving to distant gigs. Not sure if it's worse than texting and driving, but I've done both, and every time I think that I really shouldn't. And, I believe that it was just two days ago that I wrote about the way my subliminal self responds to things that I shouldn't do.

If you see a beat up old Corolla loaded with instruments, steer clear.

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Peig said…
you would think a cemetary is quiet early in the am?????

knowing where you are going to practice is paramount!!!!!

day 32

MBB out all weekend so I played all day off and on. Fingers got a bit stiff so I went upstairs, found my best goth polish and treated my hands to a break. If they are going to feel like death warmed up, they should look the part.

With the sound proofing of the AC going, sure not to disturb neighbors, pluged in head set and wailed away. This is working. I highly recomed everyone puts away sheet music for a bit and rely on your ear. Note to self: once I learn a tune even rough learn, the paper goes away.

blind whistler
Peig said…
day 33-34-35


got in an early afternoon session. in a hurry to meet MBB in town at the local........

monday, back to work. got in am and pm practice. not great, didn't feel much progress, but it's ok. time still well spent


got up late so short time this am. just a few tunes. got home early tonite, went for a walk and a swim. now ready to hit practice room. played with "Sue". did pretty well. worked 2 tunes with the haedset on. got better each time. worked on only one set. then came downstairs and played everyting, still noodling around tonite. more relaxed, more done.

blind whistler
Soul Mama said…
Peig you are amazing! Hooray and still at it... helped I am sure by MBB away all weekend! Awesome... I fell off the wagon, sort of but not really...