100 Days of Practice, Day 6: Long Tones and That Blasted Brazilian Tune

Today's practice was playing that Baião tune on silver flute every time I needed a break from editing... many five-minute sessions, and I'll be honest: It's working.

Just put the wee one to bed and now I'm running down to the basement for ten minutes of long tones and maybe a little baião before bed. Crawling in with Steve is more appealing but the commitment is made... so I gotta do it.

Sleep tight all and catch you in the morning. It's clear: the only way to do this practice thing right is to do it first thing. But that 5:00 am alarm feels AWFULLY EARLY.


Peig said…
day 7:
I think I know now why I get my 1/2 hour in in the am. It sets my day up and makes me feel happy. I think I may record myself now, at 50 days and then at the 100 days to see the improvement. Today did long notes on Paddy's green Shamrock Shores and Mo Ghile Mear.

Now at work with reality crashing in, I hang onto my 1/2 hour of music.
Soul Mama said…
That's so awesome. I know I keep saying that (or maybe just thinking it) but I can completely relate. I feel the same way. Morning practice is not about "getting it over with" so much as "setting you up."