100 Days of Practice, Day 42: When Gigging Has to Be Practice

Oh, five days solid of gigging. Sore fingers, tired body... and there were no long tones and there was no blog. But there was a sixth wedding anniversary, a scary boat ride, a heatwave and one crowded beach with my little girly girly... tons and tons of music, and much fun. And now, maybe a cold coming on.

Today it's back on track, and prepping for Saturday at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod, 8:00 pm... Pulling in some new material and some special selections for friends who will be in the audience.

This is really summer now, and friends, I miss that rain we had in June. Thank goodness for a window A/C: today's practice survival tool!

And one comment on my last entry. A correction, actually. I should be thanking the Catholics for the beer. Isn't it the monks who perfected the art?


Peig said…
day 43

boy this summer thing is hard. lots going on here with family and friends, getting ready to fly over. still getting in my time and playing all my tunes keeping me in focus.......