100 Days of Practice, Day 55, Part II!

I keep thinking about my "corporate" blog. One important point to clarify:

Sometimes I say things I don't completely mean, purely for humor value. And so can I just say: Some of the finest people I know are emergency management officials... and I have them to thank for starting my writing career. Likewise for window washers.

And there's no shame in making a living. Whatever we do, do it with heart. My friend Glen sent me this quote a few weeks ago, from Confucius. (I didn't even know they knew each other; isn't Facebook an amazing thing!):

"If you look into your own heart, and you find nothing wrong there, what is there to worry about? What is there to fear?"


Debra Murphy said…
Here is an excerpt from an email I received just the other day:

"Debra, Thank you so much for sending me this link. I really didn't understand what a jig is and that I really love to listen to them. I was reflecting on your enthusiam to play the jigs and how it generates such an energy of Joy -- that is the vibration we are trying to anchor onto the Earth right now -- play on!!!"

Maybe its corny, but I'm in!
Peig said…
day 56

a bright sunny day in doolin. lots of visitors so hard to find a spot to play. plan is to run below to moyasta, so i will be doing the whistle in the car thingy, giving MBB a raging headache. Being here is why I am playing!!!!!!!Being even a very small part of this is what keeps me going!!!! tonight back at O'Connors for the session, hope to learn anything.

Thank you Sue for all of your encouragement to get me this far....Love you girlfriend..
Soul Mama said…
Backatcha, baby! Peig, that is so cool that you are still plugged in and playing. Tell MBB that he deserves the headache, with love from Soul Mama on the Bari. LOL!
Soul Mama said…
Debra: Corny IS in! :) Great to see you Saturday morning.