100 Days of Practice, Day 56: Thank you, folks.

Ever since I posted on day 54 or 55 or whatever it was (my whiny day) I have been embarrassed about it... thinking I may have revealed too much of the soft underbelly of fear.

But much to my amazement, that particular entry got the most responses of anything I've done since I've started this blog. All of the responses beautiful, sometimes tear-jerking, and but unerringly supportive. How cool. Even World Market (home of the yummy red leather chairs) seemed to respond to my plea, suddenly offering a "companion flies free" ticket when you spend money on their site. (I didn't do it, but I am so tempted...)

I guess we all share the same struggles, don't we? Sometimes I wonder why so many of us like to keep up the tough exterior. When we do that, we never get to find out how supportive the folks around us can be when we need them. Let out a little weakness, and good people rally to patch it up the hole. And if we focus on them, instead of whatever the problem was, we get to be super thankful. Wow.

Thank you so much, folks!

Thus re-energized and refocused, I flip-flopped yesterday, attempting more practice and a little less writing.

How boring. Sigh.

But I do I think I like this writing thing. And just as much, I really dig being connected when you leave comments. So thank you.

Now, for some fun news. There are some new videos on Facebook from our concert last week. Go here. I think that will work.