100 Days of Practice, Day 57, Part II: Not Jack. Teddy.

So sad to hear about Teddy Kennedy. The good ones are few... and so I recorded this tune in honor of him today.

The title is "Farewell to Kennedy," written in 1962 by Brendan Tonra. In his book The Music of Brendan Tonra (now out of print), Brendan wrote: "I wrote this tune the Sunday after Jack Kennedy was shot. I was sitting in the kitchen after Mass waiting for dinner to be ready. I was trying to entertain my first daughter Barbara so I wrote the tune for her, and for Kennedy."

Different Kennedy, but same sentiment: honoring a great one, now fallen. Learn it in his memory?


Peig said…
day 56 and 57

of course we were all saddend to hear of our Teddy's passing. Like him or not they are an American legacy and anyone who has a college loan in the last ten yeras can thank Teddy for that.

So still in Doolin playing my *** off. Have played every day and took a lesson with Brid O'Donoghue yesterday. Great fun and got a new tune to bring home.

Today working on rolls, long and short!!!!
Shannon said…
Lovely, Sue. I like the bass in the back, too!