100 Days of Practice, Day 59: A, not E.

Infallibility makes the rock star, but weakness makes the narrative. And so, today, I whine:

Mommy, they only want me for s_x!

A, not E. Sax. Demmit.

That was last night’s revelation, and it didn’t go down well with Soul Mama here. All that work on the flute, and yet the sax is still more popular? The thing I’ve been doing since Hector was a pup, the thing I don’t work on, the thing I take for granted: that’s what they want? Really? This isn’t the first time I’ve learned this, oh no. This is about the millionth. And still, it hurts. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, sometimes not at all. Last night: a lot.

One lesson from this: Sometimes it’s a good idea to build on one’s strengths.

Guess what I practiced this morning?***

(***Until Mini Me woke up two hours earlier than usual, just when I thought I had a wide, free stretch before me... but that's another story.)


Peig said…
day 59 and 60

so yesterday traveled all day from clare to killarney, very little playing. a bit in the car until MBB looked at me with THAT look.

today, had lunch and a few pints. going to play for at least 1/2 hour then off to a hurling match.

This week will be the challange. Last week with friends who understand me, sort of anyway. this week with family who can not wrap thier heads around this chlalange and think we should be relaxing.

Tha s_x thing.....that is just people. The sax was someting different, the expected the flute. How great for you/us you can play both. Most of us live in a one instrument world.

Luv you girlfriend.