100 Days of Practice, Day 61: Gigs and Videos

Happy Sunday morning, still cloudy and damp, but the deluge is past. Man, I had to drive to Dartmouth in it last night, and it was unbelievable. Almost thought we had to get that ark out, after all.

It's been a busy weekend (... and when isn't it? you ask...) Friday, the Lindsays performed at the Historic Winslow House in Marshfield, a combo lecture-performance where we (okay, I) talked about my book See You at the Hall, and we played. What a gorgeous space the Winslow House is! They have an all-summer lecture series with local authors, plus special events like the Oktoberfest with Samuel Adams brewery on October 8. THIS sounds fun:

On Thursday, October 8th, from 6:30 pm until 8:00 pm, the historic 1699 Winslow House, 634 Careswell Street, Marshfield, MA, will be the host for a Samuel Adams brewery “Beer Tasting”—featuring both food and beer. A variety of dishes created by A Chef’s Table Catering of Pembroke will be prepared for patrons to sample--all made with various kinds of Samuel Adams beer and ale. Additionally, those in attendance can sample different beer and ale as the Winslow House celebrates its own style of Oktoberfest.

A ticket will allow the patron to go around to different stations and try a mixture of foods cooked with Samuel Adams beer. Additionally, an assortment of beers from Samuel Adams will also be offered to sample along with the food.
Tickets to this special event are $ 17 for members and $ 20 for non-members. Reservations can be made by going onto the Winslow House website at www.winslowhouse.org or by calling the Winslow House at 781-837-5753. Patrons must be 21 or over to attend. Space is limited so reservations are strongly recommended.

Wanna go? Me too. Let me know!

Performed last night at the Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust annual barn dance, as a special guest with Three Cats and a Dog. Also big big fun!

And finally...

Some new videos to share. The editing is a little weird on these, but if you can put up with my pre-song chatter, I hope the music is worth it:

I Shall Be Released: