100 Days of Practice, Day 82: Scenes from Two Weddings and a Funeral

Why, hello. You're still here???? Good. I'm glad to see you.

I just got added to the "email notifications" for a friend's blog and, you know what? Getting a blog by email is not as fun as getting it online!!! No layout. No pretty color. Not the same! So, to prove how much nicer it is to visit a real Web page, I've put lots of photos in this one. TO make you come see the pretty site.

Thought I'd share a few scenes from a long but beautiful day yesterday... the Lindsays on a "Two Weddings and a Funeral" tour of southeastern Mass and Cape Cod. A twelve hour day, in which we experienced those most memorable and sacred moments: a friend's Dad's funeral... then played for two wedding ceremonies on the Cape, both on beaches. Gorgeous brides, both of them. Sweet husbands, both of them. Lots of love, all of them. The sacred purpose of the music, the beaches, and the amazing, gorgeous sun... lovely day but we did miss apple picking with our little one.

Here's Joy and Matt's wedding, at Wood Neck Beach in Falmouth (Steve finished the whole ceremony never having laid eyes on the bride, due to an inopportune seating arrangement):

Here are Erin and Cory, at Old Silver Beach:

Despite the nice musical experiences and the much-needed bank deposit at the end of the tour, we were tired, and really missed our gal. Gigs—even when they're for important occasions and also are with your husband—are not the same as "date day." But look at this photo. These kids were so cute while waiting for the bride's arrival that I had to snap a photo of them. On the next sunny day, I hereby make a pact to stage the same shot, but this time featuring Soul Papa and Mini Me.

This next one, however, you could not stage. Check out Soul Papa on his way to the ceremony site at the Seacrest on Old Silver Beach. Actually, once, a photographer did stage a similar shot of Steve, on a different Falmouth Beach, and he's been horrified about it ever since. That's Mr. Real for you. We swore we'd never, ever, ever let someone do that to us again—so when the opportunity to take this shot arose, my sense of humor wouldn't let me miss it, despite risking dropping two flutes while I bumbled through my pocketbook to get my camera, all of this while still walking—in heels, of course.

A long day, but important experiences, and we are thankful. The sun was shining today, too, and look what the heavens sent us. This little being visited our backyard. Life ain't so bad after all.


Susan said…
Yep, still here! Glad to see you, too!
Peig said…
day 82 and 83

so my plan to play all weekend did happen. Worked very hard on long rolls from d. That is comming along.

So in addition to playing with my music mommy I thought I would try playing with other recordings. tried one with fiddles, that was fun. Then moved onto other recordings. This was harder. But fun and not beyond!!!

So with all of the musical things I have learned this 80 + days, I have NOT learned to both spell and type!!!! Sorry to all of you scholars who had to suffer through reading my blogs.

But my heart has grown and my playing has improved, so I now am sure I live on that other side of my brain, and that is where I am most happy.

Altogether grand!!!
Soul Mama said…
Peig I am so happy to hear all this. It's time for an in-person check in!!!
Debra Murphy said…
I'm still here, too. I have been playing to recordings, as well (with the Amazing Slow Downer, I have to admit!), and it helps a lot. Also doing the slow sessions at the Olde Inn on Wednesdays. I was an overnight guest Friday at the home of a harp player and we did some tunes together. It was so pretty! This is what keeps me going.
Peig said…

The Amazing Slow Downer is my best friend. For those of us who do not "Read"" we learn directly from the source.

I think it is the next best thing to white sliced bread!!!!!!