100 Days of Practice, Day 85: Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind.

Holy laugh-out-loud practice session. Great lesson for a music teacher: start a new instrument! Making good on the promise, again... practicing Maxine the Euphonium because she is my new best friend.

And how fun!!!! I mean, what is NOT funny about making elephant-just-ate-beans sounds and calling it music... AND having the pleasure of also calling it "work" -- simultaneously hoping that the neighbors are listening and thinking the worst!

Holy laugh-out-loud, Batman, Maxine is not just sexy... she's funny too! I think I'm in love.

But warning, you brass players out there:

Ever see the Seinfeld episode about the dentist who converted to Judaism, and then felt okay about telling Seinfeld Jewish jokes? Well... someone tell my brass playing friends that just because I have Maxine the Euphonium, I'm not yet ready for your reed-bashing parties.

"Shingle lickers?" "Wood suckers?" REALLY???? Is that all we sax players are to you????


Peig said…
day 85

played reels with I'm not sure who, but had fun.

worked throught some stuff this am.

looking forward to tonight @ Bridgewater ST

Please bring Maxine!!!!!
Peig said…
day 85

Ok boys and girls sit back, put your helmets on because HERE IT COMES.....

I must say to begin I think I am reasonably even tempered and positive person.

Today began still basking in the afterglow of trip to Tir Na Nog.

Went to work with mild expectations of accomplishment amd off to meet Soul Momma.

Day went well TIL 3 30pm when all seemed to deteriorate before my eyes.

Dr Bones is going away to a course
tomorrow and so that creates it's own level of stuff. It is majic how all of the patients seem to know when he is leaving and then need an appointment TODAY or thier script renewed TODAY???

So the usual phone activity THEN come the dismal Jimmy patients. You know the ones who know everything and are going to tell you what they will and will not do. Then DEMAND the unreasonable!!!! I try to keep in mind they do not feel well, art frightened and worried about money to pay for all of this. But today........

After that began came the Field Hockey Mom who wants her daughter to have an MRI and surgery yesterday! And then along came the Worker Compensation Attorney's nasty secretary who like to yell at everyone.

Then Dr Saw Bones went about 1 1/2 hours over scheduled day, and everyone seemed to loose thier inside voices. Volume rose, tempers (mostly mine) flared and so it went.

I was angry with myself that my wonderful holiday seemd to be really over, my stress level was back up to pre vacation level and mostly my mood darekned. I was/am angry that my evening fell apart and I could not work through it.

So I hope the rest of you made it to Bridgewater and enjoyed the music and the majic.

Me, I amn doing what most civilized people I know do when things go against your plan. Drink!!!!

I am now remebring a quote .....

you fail only until you don't.....

Tomorrow, I DON'T.
Susan said…
I've been telling Chris I'm going to learn to play the zither and start a punk rock band, so I can go to band practice with my friends.

I'm rethinking the zither.
Soul Mama said…
Peig, what a day! The session was well attended and fun. I am hoping to post some pics today...