100 Days of Practice, Day 95: Couldn't resist.

What a day! Nine hours in the studio and most of what we did was just record "Demo" wedding material, but not The Record Itself. The studio is located on a seven-acre horse farm in Middleboro, so to the left you see our entry... and look way in the distance, and you'll see Mr. Horse standing across the road. Not being too much of a Country Mouse myself, I wasn't quite sure what would happen. So I drove sloooooowly...

And this is what happened. Mrs. Horse got a sniff of Steve's guitar. It was so fun that all we could do was just sit there and laugh, not really pondering the effects of horse tongue on guitar case.

A good start, really. Three hours or so of setup and getting sounds, we finally got to work on our first task, which was just to run through all of our "wedding material" so that I have nice recordings to send to inquiring brides. Turns out, there's no such thing as a "quick run through." It took us from appx. 1 - 8 pm, with a long lunch break (downtown Middleboro has a Honeydew Donuts!), to record about eight demo pieces, lovely waltzes and heartfelt airs. By 9:00, we were so ready to rip out "Sixteen Jolly Ravers"-- a klezmerish, upbeat salty fisherman's song... and then it was time to go. The real work begins today.

The right way to do a CD is to plan, plan, plan. Figure all the songs out ahead of time, rehearse them, plan for additional instruments, then record -- and everything goes smoothly. Right? Anyone want to guess how much planning we did? Let's just say we've been busy... with other things. Sigh. And being fairly low maintenance folks, we wanted just the duo, playing on CD exactly as we do live. We didn't want to make a big production of it. Turns out that that is not a good idea, and that's why we are thankful to have the professional advice of Rob Pemberton--world class engineer. Rob Pemberton convinced us to make a production of it. It'll be bigger than we thought. And better, too, I think. And that is exciting.

Here's a little info about Sounds Interesting. I admit it, I wrote this, too--wearing my Marketing Lady hat. (And that, Virginia, is how a musician can pay for a CD.)

Here goes:

Sounds Interesting is owned by prolific composer, producer, and industry icon Erik Lindgren, and operated in collaboration with a top notch production and engineering team that combines the experience of renowned engineer Rob Pemberton with the production, remix, programming, and sequencing talents of Brian Cass. A close partnership with RPC Audio means clients have access to the most cutting-edge digital and analog equipment available anywhere—any time, all the time.

Tucked away in a rural retreat setting but only an hour to Boston and Providence, Sounds Interesting is a vanguard digital and analog recording studio that delivers full-service production and engineering in a breathtaking and inspiring creative environment.

On the outside, Sounds Interesting’s two-story structure blends peacefully into its bucolic rural setting. On the inside, it houses a cutting edge recording studio—built specifically from the ground up to be an optimal recording environment, and outfitted with the very best equipment available anywhere, all impeccably maintained and always customized to match your precise project needs. The studio’s close relationship with RPC Audio means perpetual access to the very finest equipment in the world; Sounds Interesting serves as a laboratory for RPC’s new and custom equipment.

Sounds Interesting’s ground floor houses a two-tiered 16 x 24 studio and a spacious 18 x 20 floating control room. Both rooms are acoustically designed with tall ceilings, stretched fabric, special acoustic brick, sophisticated soffit work, oak flooring, and a 5 x 7 double glass window separating the two spaces. The studio also has a picture window and French doors that open out to a patio and a large field where horses graze.

On the studio’s main floor are two large rooms with cathedral ceilings and pine flooring, a comfortable 16 x 30 lounge furnished with Victorian antiques and sleeper sofas, and a 20 x 20 office. In addition, there are two bathrooms (one full and one half), two closets, and a tile-floor mudroom. The main floor is wired with tie lines that make it possible to utilize each space as an isolation chamber. Pine floors, exposed beams, and oriental rugs add to the overall "country inn" decor. Take a break on the glorious deck that overlooks Middleborough's two-thousand-acre Great Cedar Swamp.

Since 1978, Sounds Interesting has been owned and operated by Erik Lindgren, who recently partnered with Rob Pemberton and Brian Cass, who will serve as the studio’s full-time engineers.

(What I didn't add into the marketing copy is that, on very special days, the swamp sometimes smells like a leaky gas pipe. But, believe me, you get used to it. With all those incredible features above, the slight "odeur du swampe" fades to nothing.)


Peig said…
day 95

5 to go

have family around all day today, but plan to play alot tonite....

I have recording envey. I can't wait to hear the final cuts.

Studio work is hard stuff, whole different level than pub playing and even playing in a concert setting.

You both are on your way now.....Be sure you again contact Brian O Donovan about this new project, he will play it. Maybe call a certain dance friend to see if there is room on stage for his christmas show??????

Have fun along the journey!!!!!
Soul Mama said…
Thanks Peig! Still we're not thinking THAT big... just good. :)
Anonymous said…
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