100 Days of Practice, Round 2: Day 1

Today, it begins again, with a reminder that things never go as expected! I set expanded goals for myself, thanks to time and space and a weekend away. This time around, the goal is to go for 1 hour a day, and that hour must include: a little stretching, some flute, and some saxophone.

And, also today, I planned for an hour of practice in the afternoon, after I finished work. Well, I worked for an extra four hours, not by choice but it had to happen. It's 6:47 pm. I'm about to go into a class that lasts til 9:30, then drive home... then practice for an hour? Jeesh. Yes. I will do it. This time around might be kind of hard.

But a reminder for the next 100 days, courtesy of a book that I'm editing:

"...no matter the obstacles, you’ve got to be determined to achieve that goal.  Or get close to that goal.  Or as close to the goal as you can get."

Now, with an understanding that an hour might not always be possible, but that it is a little more possible than I might think, my goal is to get as close to that goal as I can get.

100 days from now is January 21. By that time, the Lindsays should have a completed CD. They'll also have completed a little round of Christmas concerts at the Cotuit Center for the Arts, Scituate Library, and Highfield Hall in Falmouth. They'll have participated in a Dudley Street tribute band at the Boston Celtic Music Festival... a recreation of the old Irish dance halls from the 1940s, complete with saxophones and trumpet. Santa will have come, we will have spent a week in Ireland, and I'll be about to start my spring semester at Bridgewater. And I'll be a better saxophone player.

Can't wait!


Peig said…
day 1 (again)

soul momma has raised the anti

I am in. I will aim for 1 hour per day be it hard practice or blissful connection with my whistle and music. Might be 2 1/2 hour sessions or 1 full hour.

I will whistle thru the darkness of the winter with you.

I have new goals and renewed dedication.

You in Deb???
Soul Mama said…
Woohoo! Peig, we will have fun!
Dr. D. Running said…
DDR - New user to the 100 days post. I'm in! In an effort to revive my declining trombone chops, I have decided to do the 100 day challenge. It is shocking how attending graduate school for music allows little time for practice. Unless that is all you do...

Today I took my lumps and went back to long tones and slip slurs. 20 minutes until my face was a bloody mess (figuratively of course).

In addition to my calisthenics, time to find some fun repertoire. And who doesn't love shopping?