100 Days of Practice, Round 2: Day 16, 17... Clouds and Silver Linings

Give me a cloud if you want, but I'm big into silver linings. There have been a lot of clouds around the Lindsay household lately, and they've been obscuring our view of some really nice things. For example, friends like the Porters, who came for dinner last night with three important food groups, the Three Bs: Bread, Beer, and Brownies. All homemade, except the beer, but they make that too; it's just that it's the wrong time of year.

And while I'm on the subject, there are a number of other B Good Things on the list:

2) Baritone horns. Who knew that King Porter is a former baritone player? And who expected the Lindsays to just happen to be able to produce one, from the basement?

3) Brett (AKA King Porter), who plays it. Or used to.

4) Betty, AKA Queen Porter, AKA Satoko. Betty, as in Betty Crocker--a nickname she earned in college for her baking skills. She proved her mettle last night (again) with the homemade oatmeal bread and the brownies with homemade... another B! ... butterscotch frosting.

5) The Boys. The Porters have three cool boys, and we love having them here. And we don't even mind footing the bill for repairs.

6) Bartering. Heck, we even barter with these folks for babysitting.

7) Basements, where I went to practice after the Porters left and MiniMe was tucked cozily into bed. I love our basement practice room, which Steve built. It looks like an Irish bar. We even have those authentic upside-down Irish tap thingies for liquor bottles. And, it's soundproofed! Late night practicing! Love it.

8) Books. Last night I worked with Joe Viola's Chord Studies for Flute, and Chord Studies for Saxophone. Both published by Berklee Press.

9) Berkleemusic and Berklee Press. They have been keeping me on their rolls doing freelance editing for their online courses and books for the last four or five years, and not only do I absolutely love editing the courses, I love learning the material, and I love the folks who send me the work. And now that Steve's laid off, I love you all even more.

10) Bridgewater State College. My job! Thank you to my amazing colleagues at Bridgewater, and most definitely the best boss in the world, Music Department Chair Salil Sachdev, who denies his bosshood but is a leader and a role model, whether he wants to be or not.

11) Fabulous bosses. Not just Salil, actually, but also Debbie Cavalier, Dean of Continuing Education at Berklee College of Music and Chief Academic Officer at Berkleemusic.com. Incredible people to work for and with. Thank you both!

12) Brown-nosing? No, I'm really not. I really do love these people.

13) Blue Blinds, the coffee shop that brewed the java that I am currently drinking. Thank you for the caffeine that has lifted my spirits and helped the silver lining come through. Caffeine, I love you.

I was going to title this blog posting "When a Cloud Is Just a Cloud" but now that I've spent the last half hour thinking about the seemingly nonexistent silver lining, I'm going to rename it. Found a lining or two... or ten... ! The hell with it. We'll be fine.

Alright. Back to the practice room.


Kerry Dexter said…
glad you have these silver linings,and were inspired to go looking for them, too.