100 Days of Practice, Round 2, Day 4: This could happen to you.

Practice, folks, and this barrel of leiderhosen-wearing polka fun could be yours!Actually, DON'T practice, and this is what you might end up like. The choice is yours. Exhibit A: Stage Door Canteen poses as the polka band last night at Liam Maguire's Oktoberfest. Fun. Another reason it's nice to keep on playing music.

Also great fun tonight was playing with Caravan at Middlesex Community College in Bedford, Mass. Caravan is a world music improvisational trio with me, Salil Sachdev on percussion, and Tom Rhode on guitar. Tonight, I felt like the practice has paid off. The sax, the flute: they felt great.

Full disclosure on practice today: Because I was out celebrating Oktoberfest in traditional fashion (and, yes, in traditional garb) last night, it was a headachey morning. No 5 am rise for me! Today's practice entailed just a half hour or so of preparation mid-day for tonight's concert. I'm with BrassDoc (Don, that's you) on this one: sometimes we get so busy doing music that we don't have time to practice. Bad musicians! Punishment shall rain down upon you! Little man in leiderhosen shall come out of cuckoo clock wielding his tiny little hammer! No... much better punishment: Several Stage Door Canteen bandmembers come out of clock simultaneously sight-reading and transposing "Beer Barrel Polka" up a whole step, in real time.

Let that be a warning.