100 Days of Practice, Round 2, Day 9: Underline Day 7, please.

Another practice tip: Follow your own advice.

Structure, ah structure. As I recently wrote, I've discovered that the only time for me to practice is really 5 AM.

Well, I thought yesterday that I'd skip waking up early, because I'd have plenty of time to practice in the afternoon. Wrong. I had a half hour. Halfway through that half hour, a close friend walked into my practice room to tell me all about his new instrument and how excited he was, and how two nights in a row, he'd practiced it for about six hours. Yes, he is single. No, he does not have kids. Oh, I do love this close friend, and someday I will love hearing him play his new instrument... but I really wanted to practice.

Today, I started practicing my flute, in a rare block of afternoon free time, when my cell phone rang. I answered it. It was a different close friend, calling from Paris to say that he is applying to a jazz studies program in New York and would I write a recommendation letter? Yes of course. I would do anything for him, the smartest AND most musically talented person I know (well... except you, of course). BUT... he called during my practice session. Sigh.

Let's revisit those tips I wrote...

-Don't answer your phone when you're practicing.
-Practice where you know you won't be disturbed.
-Always practice at the same time of day, whenever possible.

I managed about a half hour yesterday. Today, I got about five minutes, and now I have to run out on some unavoidable errands, just hoping that my family will understand later on, after dinner, when I ask for an hour to go practice.

This ain't easy.


Peig said…
Maid behind the bar almost there. last night played at the Olde Inn and did play the Maid, only was unsure of a bit in the 2nd part. All other tunes were solid.
Debra Murphy said…
Peig, Sorry I missed you. I had to teach a class; a one-time thing I had agreed to do months ago.
Peig said…
Hi Deb

No flutes that night, but two other whistles.....8 or so fiddles, button box, guitar. We missed you. See you in two weeks...