100 Days of Practice, Round s 14, 15: Qualifying Events

Oy... Tuesday's practice had to be the warmup for the concert, then the concert. Wednesday's practice had to be what I played during three hours of private teaching. Why? Because the Lindsay family has some serious health insurance issues to deal with.

Anyone who opposes a public option for health insurance should experience a layoff, losing health insurance, and then the shopping process. Folks, my hair used to be straight. Now, I've got curls.

Two very difficult days. I have a new health insurance term, "qualifying event," to now apply to practice. I missed two days of real practice, due to a "qualifying event."

I'll get to you when the Lindsay family is fully insured.



Peig said…
Ok. Last night was a great lesson with Soul Moma. Got some good corrections on new tunes.

Health Insurance, now you are in my world. Anyone who has lost a job SHOULD run not walk to the state insurance program. We have all paid into it for all of the years we have been working. That is what it was created to do. Short term insurance until job situations change. You can enroll in programs based on what your income is. It is 90 days retroactive. All MA hospitals accept it as do most primary care docs.

I am very serious here. I work in the medical field and the last thing anyone needs is to not be covered. One car accident, one illness and your world will fall apart. People have lost thier homes and taken years to climb out of that type of debt. Get covered!!!
Soul Mama said…
Man, I *was* running to it...crazy stuff. I will fill you in the details in person, but as a summary: in this health-insurance-mandated Commonwealth, it turns out that there's no affordable way to guarantee that we will have health insurance on Sunday, Nov. 1. Seriously. A person is not officially "uninsured" in this state unless one has gone without health insurance for 62 days.