100 Days of Practice, Round 2 Day 22: Laughing With God

Two thoughts tonight.

1) I was feeling a little guilty at having fun with religion last week. I can't help my irreverence sometimes. It's too easy to find the funny sides of Protestantism, Catholicism, Buddhism, and, well, Celticism--but never intended as insult. Anyone who's been reading this all along knows that there is a distinct spiritual element to my own pursuit of musical practice--and yet, I'm not the least bit religious. I might make attempts at defining practice, but I'll never make an attempt at defining the unknowable--and I make no pretense of having any particular beliefs, though I will readily admit to being on some sort of path. Maybe it's David Byrne's Road to Nowhere.

Still, I was moved to tears when I heard this new song from folk singer Regina Spektor on the radio the other morning, as I was driving to work. The lyrics begin, "No one's laughing at God in a hospital..." Not my style of song, not really my style of music, and my least favorite style of female singing (well... except opera, which I dislike even more)... and yet, I loved the song's message. Take out the word God and replace it with your favorite Otherworldness and you've got the message.

Here it is, the title track from Regina Spektor's new album. Click this link to hear it from Lala.com: "Laughing With." Warning: You can only hear the full song once on Lala.com, and on subsequent plays, you get only 30 seconds of the song. But you can check out the video on YouTube. I find the visuals so distracting that I could only watch about three seconds of it, but you can always turn up the volume and avert thine eyes. (Ack!!! That religious humor again!) Here you go, if you're into that sort of thing:

So, maybe when the human is ready, the message appears.

Which brings me to point 2:

2) When the player is ready, the tune appears.

Tonight, it appeared out of nowhere: The Convenience.

A good reel to challenge your register-jumping chops, not to mention two all-important but often challenging flute skills: A rolls, and the low D. (It's in the Dave Mallinson book I mentioned the other day...) Thanks also to Brendan Tonra and Eddie Murray for playing the goo-ga out of The Skylark the other day, because I've been having a blast working on that one, too. (On the opposite page of the Convenience, in the Mallinson book...are you seeing a pattern?)


Dr. D. Running said…
Hello all,

I know, I know. I've actually been practicing - just not posting. But it has been a terribly soul-draining couple of weeks. And it seems like nothing can destroy the love of music-making faster than editing articles for scholarly publication...

Today it is Hindemith - Drei leichte Stucke. I ran through it on Wednesday and it was awful. Today, not so bad. Am I getting better or remembering it?
Soul Mama said…
A little of both, I think!!!