100 Days of Practice, Round 2 Day 35: Soul

I've spent the last several months editing an online course at Berkleemusic.com titled, "R&B Bass" written and taught by Fender bass player and Berklee Professor Danny Morris, aka D-Mo. I loved what Danny had to say about practice and performance in his draft of lesson 12:

At a certain point in your development as a musician, you turn your instincts into sound. Call it a sixth sense—it’s essential when performing music. Your gut instinct provides impetus to play one way or another. To leave a rest, to play a syncopation, to play the root, the fifth, to play a slide into a note—all your choice! Your practicing pays off when you go onstage or enter the recording studio. You enter that environment with a healthy anticipation of creating magic. By this I’m talking about that one ingredient inherent in all great music: soul. You can’t put your finger on it, but you recognize it, and feel it when it’s present. This is why we practice, and why we continue to work on music as a language. Whether you are playing R&B or some other music style, your musicianship palette will be your springboard from which to choose your (musical) ideas. In the act of performance you rely on instinct and intuition. There is no time to question this or that, you simply do “it.”

Yeah, Danny. For more info on Danny's course, check out this description, which also includes a video of Danny discussing his course and his ideas on great R&B bass playing.


Great post, Sue! Thank you!

Danny Mo sure makes magic everytime we go into the studio to record Debbie and Friends' songs! He's an amazing player and a real inspiration. Makes me want to practice!

And, congratulations on your practice commitment! Great stuff!