100 Days of Practice Round 2, Day 55: A Late Thanksgiving

Make no mistake about it: it was not easy waking up this morning at 5 a.m. to work, practice, and write, after being up til midnight last night working, practicing, and writing. But man, does it feel good.

The heavens have put aside a reserve tank of energy for people who need a little extra zing in order to do exactly what they're supposed to be doing in life. How fortunate the person who knows their calling, and who is heeding it.

Not easy. I spent a lot of time in my early 20s with those silly What Color is Your Parachute and Zen and the Art of Making a Living "find yourself" books. Then, one day in my late 20s, I was doing yoga with a yogi-musician friend when, mid hamstring-stretch, I had a revelation: Music • Writing • Fitness. Aha!

I was already writing, for my job, but I've always done that. Soon after, I started mountain bike racing, taking Irish flute lessons, and then applied to grad school and enrolled in Tufts' ethnomusicology program. First day of school, I was walking along thinking about all the wonderful colleges at the university: dental, pre-med, engineering, veterinary medicine--and realized I could have done any of those things but had chosen music.

No, music did not choose me. I had to work to make this life happen.

I'm still working. Lots of writing, lots of music. Haven't gotten the fitness thing down yet, but 2 out of 3 ain't bad, for now. I must say: this musical life is an awful lot of work, but also an awful lot of fun. I am thankful. And I am especially thankful to be sharing it with you.