100 Days of Practice Round 2 Day 61: Who Needs Drugs? We Have Minwax.

Here's the practice room about a month ago. Looks nice, huh? Steve did that work. It used to be a gray concrete hole. Gotta love that guy.

Here it is today. Note that the wood is much darker. (Plus, we have a new camera, so the photo is much better -- thank you, Soul Sister.)

But the aroma: Thank Minwax. Looks beautiful, but it's smelly. Three days after staining in an unvented basement, and my Lord, practicing tonight was like Woodstock '68. The music can only take you so high. Leave the rest to Minwax.

Practice conditions not perfect, but they've been worse. In another phase of construction, here is where I practiced. I took a picture because you can't capture this beauty any other way. I'm so glad the neighbors let me practice in their basement.

At our Cotuit show yesterday, I was reminded that just because you've been playing a tune intensely on an intermittent basis for the last year, it doesn't mean that you can suddenly stop working on it and then play it live. No, no, my friend. You gotta keep this stuff active. Practice room or no, sometimes you just have to suck it up and practice anyway. Because there's nothing like a live show to remind you of the music you've been taking for granted.

So, in preparation for Highfield Hall on Sunday, I brought my Brendan tunes to the basement and mellowed out with the fumes. It was the Summer of Love in the Bleak Midwinter.


Peig said…
day 61 part two

so played for over an hour tonite waiting for MBB to get home.

Sounding ok, not great but not bad. More to do......BUT did play through my new set many times over.

As we come to the end of this year, the Winter Solstice and the present 100 days I am reflective of my journey with this silver friend.

It has seen me through many changes in these past few years:

The undescriable sadness at loss of my sister.

The change of direction for me musically, leaving one instrument and embracing another.

The chance of meeting new friends and searching new horizons.

A new vision in traveling back to the palce where I am the happiest,
Ireland making it even happier.

Soul Moma is right, music is a spiritual journey, or at least it is gratefully for me.
Peig said…
almost forgot! Those who missed the Cotuit show SHOULD RUN to the Highfield show. Awesome performance, lots of holiday spirit.