Day 228: It's Not Spring Yet. This Is Not Fair.

Last semester in my Music Appreciation class, a student asked, "So what does a conductor DO, anyway?" I admit, I was at a loss. I wish someone would ask me this question THIS semester. Because now I know the answer: Wake up at 5 a.m., not to practice, but to shave.

Friends, in addition to teaching, I've been taking a Conducting Techniques course this semester, and today's class — at 8 a.m. — will be held in the POOL.

Let me say that again: the POOL. Something about working with weightlessness as a conducting technique. I don't know. And at the moment, I don't really care.

Because just the mere thought of "the POOL" gives me the shivers? Does it do the same for you? No? How about this: the POOL with your professor colleague and ten 19-year olds?

Are you not getting shivers yet?

I'm terrified.

Please understand. It's not the cold weather that's getting me. It's the prep. See, guys, some of you may understand that one of the nice things about winter is that we gals get to relax on certain ablutions. There are some who maintain, primp, and preen all year round. They exercise, eat right, do their nails, pedicure their toes. And then there are some women who, when spring comes, bust out the lawnmower.

I envy my friends who've already gotten their PhD in Hippie School (you know who you are) — you don't worry about such things. You are women! Hear you roar! Ah, someday, someday... I hope I become more like you. But for now, I'm still only burning a training bra.

I thought hitting 40 would mean an end to petty worries. You all said it would. Well, you were exaggerating. I forgive you, but still... Couldn't SOMEONE have warned me?