Day 228, Part II: Making Sweet Music Together, By Request

Some people out there think this is funny: Get up at 5 am, do the... ahem... ablutions, get to conducting class on time (at the pool), change into swimsuit, and notice that one has missed two key "ablutions".... the two that are above the waterline, the ones that show a lot when one just happens to be waving one's arms in a conducting class in a pool.


Last time I forgot them (by choice), I was in college, and it made me very popular among the Smith College girls. Not that there's anything wrong with that... but I've not neglected my underarms since.

If it's any consolation, I also forgot my hair tie, but the lifeguard lent me an elastic. I was a little too shy to ask if I could borrow her razor, too.

And finally, in response to one of my adoring fans: YES. Soul Papa will be also be quite happy when Spring comes.

As it turned out, the subsurface conducting class was an absolute blast, and no one was looking at me anyway. Sometimes I forget that to my students, I'm just the Old-Broad professor freak.

Good God, I hope none of them read this.