Day 235: Living the Cliche

Some days, the sunshine feels like it comes right out of our hearts. Today is one of those days. From where I sit, a fire blazes in a stone hearth and classical music is my soundtrack. I see seagulls flapping in the morning sun, a small gaggle of Canada geese, and the seacoast sunrise over a nearby slope. Now, don't be jealous. The seagulls are flapping over a dumpster, the hill rises from filthy black snow at the edge of a parking lot, and the sunrise is illuminating the top floor of the federal high security prison. I'm so lucky to live in a gorgeous seaside town. With our own Panera, no less!

Sometimes we must suffer the bland and the generic in order to find our own. Sometimes a change is as good as a rest.

Then, just like in a movie, the phone rings. A grumpy voice reminds you that you were supposed to be somewhere else at 7 am today, and suddenly, the sun fades and the federal prison emerges in stark relief.

Even the fanciest new contraption (Jesus Mary and Joseph, I do regret getting a Droid) cannot solve this problem. Sigh.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.