Day 238: Making Music as a Family

How proud was I, as a mom, to have our little girl with us for part of our gig last night? Wearing pink cowboy boots, of course.

Stage Door Canteen played at Liam Maguire's, in the swing band's usual monthly gig, only this one was "Irish night" and a fundraiser for MD. In the spirit of the band's recent "themed" events, we kicked off the night with an hour of Irish tunes, featuring our very own resident G.I.G. (Genuine Irish Guy... that's Mr. Lindsay!) and some friends from the Irish world, Mausie Calvi and Buck Daly.

As some of you know, I've been working in collaboration with about ten other musicians in a group we call "The Boston Highlands Ceili Band," which plays Irish tunes in the style of those Irish dance hall bands back in the 1940s and 1950s. The band includes accordion and fiddle, but also sax and trumpet, just like on the Johnny Powell Band albums recorded by Copley Records back in the 1950s. The Boston-based folks in the band couldn't make it last night, so we brought in Steve on guitar, Buck on accordion, Mausie on fiddle, and Stage Door Canteen regulars Jim Peterson on bass and Jeff Dodge on drums--not to mention BHCB/SDC regulars Roger Gamache (alto sax) and Glen Carliss (trumpet). Great tunes!

After the Irish hour and a short break, the full swing band came out on stage, and Mom had to switch hats from Irish Wannabee Girl to Soul Mama Wannabee Girl, swapping the pretty little Irish flute for a big nasty beaten up baritone sax. And Pink Cowboy Boot girl got to stay for just a little bit, even pulling up a stool and sitting beside me as I played "C Jam Blues" with the band. How cool. Last time she was on stage with the band, she was actually INSIDE my belly, not next to it. If only I could have had a photo of the swing band jamming away and Mini Me sitting in the middle of the band with her hands over her ears... priceless.

She left shortly afterward with Dad, but it was still a late night, and we're all sleeping in today. See, we love music and we love going out to play, but we also love our little family, and at times it is very hard to leave home for yet another gig in the evenings. It is not easy to balance a musical life with family life, but we're discovering that it can be done. What a gift it is when we can all do it together, and how lucky we are to have friends and family who were there to pitch in and help out so that we could all do it safely.

Thanks Uncle Harry, Papa Gedutis, Mausie, Sarah, and the folks at Liam Maguire's, all of whom were so willing to lend a hand and an eye to make it all possible! We love you.


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