Day 256: Singing for Health Insurance

Some of us are talkers. In Lindsays gigs, guess who the talker is. Then, on Saturday, I watched Stanley and Grimm, and again... the talker was evident. I said to Sean Brennan, vocalist and raconteur, that he and I had better not do any duo gigs together, or we'd abandon the music altogether and end up running a radio talk show. His response, "So Sue... what do think about the health care bill?"

I said nothing, of course, because I don't talk politics. But today I think I will say something. From the musician's standpoint: HOORAY. From the point of view of a couple who wants to be self-employed, follow our dreams, make our life happen the way we want to, while knowing that our family will be taken care of if one of us gets sick: HOORAY. If things go well in Senate on Tuesday, then maybe we can.

The Irish 50-pound note used to have a piper on its reverse. IMagine that... a MUSICIAN on currency? And as if that weren't enough, they also had James Joyce and maybe Yeats, too, on other ones. Poets, writers, and musicians! Imagine living in a country that chooses artists as its national symbols... AND that has a health care system in place that will support them, never mind the whole artists-don't-pay-income taxes thing... I'm surprised we haven't moved over there already.

Today, I feel a little jubilant: I'm sure that no one in Congress was thinking about Irish musicians (we MIGHT have had a chance with aul Teddy), but still: this seems like it could be a victory worth celebrating.

If this bill goes through, it will make life in artistic households immensely easier. We can maintain our 55 jobs, work for ourselves, and pursue music the way we want to, with no fear for the health and well-being of our little person. That, my friends, would be amazing. Frankly, it's almost unimaginable... I have a hard time believing that it might actually happen. But if it does, expect a whole bunch of very happy musicians out there in the world on Wednesday morning.


B said…
...I feel a strange need to comment, yet don't want to propagate political debate...

so..let me say...I am intrigue to see where it all goes from here. That I hope your song never fades, faith in humanity never wanes and all of our families are happy and healthy.
Soul Mama said…
Not strange at all; I can count on you for politics and philosophy, no?

Let's see where it goes. And we'll talk offline.