Day 266: What are you wearing?

I think the sun returns today! Celebrate!

We spent a day this week in studio adding bass tracks and bodhran to our CD, plus working on a little flute/guitar, and it is very exciting. Just a quick note, becuase I have exactly nine minutes to change from mismatched flannel pajamas into Professor Lindsay. (So, forget about asking, "Hey, baby, what are you wearing?" Good thing we have Superman's phone booth in our house.)

Just posted photos from the recording session. Sean Farias was amazing on bass; click on that Facebook link over yonder (in the lefthand bar on this page) to see him. Peter Campbell put the bough in bodhran, and me and Steve... well, we just did our thing.

It's coming along great. And I never, ever, ever, ever want to play without an acoustic upright bass ever again.