Great Ideas and No Time!

Hiya folks. Lots of blog entries inside me but no time to write them down. End of the semester is a busy time. Just a note as to what we're up to today... performing with concertina player Chris "Junior" Stevens at the Bridgewater State College World Music Festival. Because of rain, daytime performances will now be held at Crimson Dining Hall (East Campus). The Crimson Dining Hall Building is located next to the Bookstore. (Evening performances starting at 7:30 PM will continue to be held in Horace Mann Auditorium, Boyden Hall).

This is a family-oriented event... bring the kids! Or just come in the evening for African and Brazilian drumming and more at Horace Mann Auditorium. Evening concert starts at 7:30.

Here is a link to the directions to Bridgewater State College: