Day 303: This is it, kid.

I can hear Barbra Streisand talking to herself now in Funny Girl, doing her best Fanny Brice Brooklyn accent as she's about to take the stage at the Ziegfield Follies, "This is it, kid. Your big break."

It's the morning of our Phil performance, and I admit that it's pretty exciting. No pre-show jitters... just to prove it, I woke at 4:00 a.m. and fell back to sleep. That's progress.

Actually, it's pretty exciting to have this show tonight. A completely different environment for Irish music, and how did my friend put it, "It's good that our 'Yankee Establishment' venues have discovered that we troglodytes have emerged from our caves and are somewhat in the light. But seriously folks..."

Long time no troglodyte, but some shoulder chips last forever. The Chieftains do the Boston Pops, well, every year, don't they?

Either way... we're really looking forward to tonight at Memorial Hall. If you think you might come, I hear that tickets are only available at the box office now via walk-up.

Onto much more important things, now... what to wear?