Day 304: No More Waxy Buildup

Happy Mother's Day to you!

It's the morning after our special spot with the Phil, and never did a Sunday look so sunny. We had a great time playing for a warm and very large audience, though it went so fast I barely remember it. The Philharmonic, led by Steven Karidoyanes, is a class orchestra, and their program choices of Irish-themed music for the event were lovely. (My favorites were the pieces from Leroy Anderson's Irish Suite, especially that little bluesy countermelody he tucked into the Rakes of Mallow.)

The lesson today: Preparation pays dividends. In preparation for the show, I played my two sets every single day for at least a month, with the goal of getting them down so well they would be second nature. And they were. It feels wonderful now to move forward without that concert waiting in the wings...and I'm really excited about diving into some new tunes, a joy that was neglected because the focus was on May 8.

Ah... All that buildup, and it's over in 15 minutes. A nice 15 minutes, mind you. Thank you for being there.

A few more things to scratch off the list now (including finishing our CD...two studio dates this week, to lay down sax lines), and we're ready for summer! The new list:

1. Practice
2. Beach
3. Cookouts with friends and family
4. Walks along the waterfront
5. Beach
6. Lotso tunes
7. Ice cream
8. Beach

In preparation, I'm going to pour me a cup of coffee and wander the Lindsay compound. Enjoy the gorgeous day. Tra-la!