Day 322 of Practice: Mini Me is Now Soul Fry

Last week I didn't write too much because the Lindsays were away, visiting friends in Vermont. It was a vacation for the female 2/3, and a work trip for the other 1/3... Soul Papa is officially launching a carpentry and restoration business. We told a friend this, she had work, et voilá, vacation. For us.

Now, this is just by the by. The real reason for writing is just plain old Mother's Pride. Really, every day brings an occasion for mom pride, but I promised you that this blog is about music, right? So I don't really tell you about these examples of what makes me proud: Soul Fry (née Mini Me) wakes up cheery and stays that way. Soul Fry shares the coveted swing with a friend. Soul Fry looks irresistibly cute in a dress. Soul Fry says thank you to someone on her own, without a reminder. Soul Fry wants to give a friend a gift, so selects one from her own toy collection, asks for wrapping supplies, and wraps it herself. Soul Fry invents new lyrics to one of Daddy's songs on the upcoming CD, because it's funny. Soul Fry uses Irish colloquialisms in her casual sentences. Soul Fry uses "overjoyed" in a sentence. "Ah! Stop!" you say. Enough with the Sprog Blog banter.

But this photo from our Vermont trip? I'm sorry, but I can't resist. Perfect form! Perfect bow grip! Great posture! Thanks Nikki Engstrom, fiddler and teacher extraordinaire, and also Auntie Hen (Helen Kisiel) for giving her the fiddle for Christmas. Thanks, Suzy Knapp for the photo, and thanks Joey for joining the band that day!

Now, if we could only figure out how to get Soul Fry to practice....


Peig said…
Day 322

Now with my shortened work week I have more (?) time for playing. I think more time is not right, but uninterrupted time. No clock screaming at me toward the end of the week. So I dedicate Thursdays to music. I know today is Friday, but lucky o have long weekend for holiday.

Yesterday I went back to Holyoke to put flowers on my family's graves. Sad day, but some happy memories. On the drive back I was thinking of the people who gave me music and grateful I will always be to them. Family gatherings with sing songs and all the rebel tunes! My Mom banging it out on the piano with all of us around her. My Dad and his brother and sisters singing at the holiday partiesand all of us children trying to sing along with them.

So, Soul Fry it is all coming your way!!!!!! Enjoy the journey.

Me, I have a few hours to spend with my silver friend.
Soul Mama said…
Wow, Peig. That actually made me cry. Thank you! And congrats on making this music thing such a part of your life. It is magical.