Day 323: I'm taking a break today!

I love practicing, but you all know that there are days when a cup of tea and the kitchen table seems more appealing than the musty basement practice room. (Musty, but very cool, mind you.)

So, today I'm rewarding myself with a break day, at least from morning practice.

What I'm celebrating: Last night I was back in the studio, finishing my parts (for the second time). I went back in because my centerpiece on the CD, three tunes written by Brendan Tonra, were just not happening the way I was playing them.

Can we talk? I've been practicing these tunes for over a year, in prep for this recording. I've wanted them to rock... because they're cool tunes, because I love Brendan, and because ... um. Because.

Last night, I finished them. The track will sound great.

But easy or hard to play perfectly under pressure?

Take a guess.

Today, I am thankful for digital recording technology.