Day 329 of Practice: A Letter to Soul Fry on Her 4th Birthday):

June 3, 2010

Dear Soul Fry:

Today you are 4. You're sleeping, but you'll be awake soon and you'll come downstairs to a kitchen decorated with streamers and balloons. There are colorfully wrapped presents waiting on the table, and we're planning chocolate toast for breakfast. Or whatever you want. We can't wait to see your face!

See, you haven't yet figured out what all kids figure out eventually: your parents are completely and totally crazy. It's 8 a.m, and your mother has already gone for an hour-long bike ride and practiced for an hour. Your father was up 'til God-knows-what-hour organizing his workshop and working on his practice room in the basement. Some people might find this kind of wee-hour ambition a little distasteful, but guess what?

Nothing is difficult when you're doing what you love most.

If there's any wisdom we can impart to you today, it is this: Always follow your passion, and the rest will follow. We'll be here to support you all the way.

Happy Birthday, Small Fry!

Soul Mama and Papa


Peig said…
Happy Birthday Annie

Hope you are four years old in your heart forever!!!!!!