Day 352 of Practice: Launch

"The human heart is a frail craft on which we wish to reach the stars." - Giotto

This quote came on an email forwarded to me from an artist friend. My heart goes out to her -- if we envision our hearts as frail craft, are we dooming ourselves to a tortured journey?

So many of us confuse what we do with who we are. And so, too many of those who lose their job, botch their performance, receive a heavily marked manuscript back from their editor, or get well-meaning feedback on their paintings or page designs, take it personally. It's not personal. It's just the world telling you to keep trying.

The real journey is not to reach the stars, but rather to fortify the heart, let loose the ballast, and launch.

That's enough.


Unknown said…
good words. Although... I AM a farmer's wife... and a damn good one. Bring on the winds!