Day 29 of Year 2: The Counting Recommences

Here is a way to make the mundane spectacular: Get up early, sit on your bike seat, and catch the sunrise. So lovely I had to share.

This weekend, my friend commented on my blog. "You're not writing anymore. You're journaling." Agreed. "But," I said, "I figure you can write about the mundane in a way that makes it interesting. At least that's why I'm trying to do... " She shrugged.

OKAY I GET IT. Start writing about something, for goodness sake. Be funny, will you????

And so, I decided to start counting again, and get back to the original reason for this blog: Self-torture. It's Day 29 of Year 2 of Musical Practice, and guess what? This month has not been a good one for practicing. Plenty of gigging. Plenty of CD making. Plenty of CD design discussions and photo shoots. Plenty of research into CD duplication options. Plenty of farm trips and way too much zucchini. And lots of swimming in lakes. I even started a new book. But practice? Feh!

If you'll excuse me now, I must get down to the practice room. We have a CD release to start practicing for.