Day Whatever: Lindsay Gigs

Family in town so I've not been writing much... Steve and I spent yesterday (the record hottest day in Plymouth ever in history) in the studio in Middleboro... a welcome, cool way to spend a day. Recorded vocals all day, and neither of us could seem to sing in tune. We got it together eventually, but still, it's a little scary... but then again, we celebrated heartily on 4th of July and both of us were hoarse. We'll blame the holiday.

We're planning to finish vocals this week and the CD will be done by July 31, and hopefully hitting the streets soon after. Can't wait to share the music with you.

The next few days: A few shows coming up. Tomorrow, we're playing in an Otpor Records showcase at the Rosebud in Boston. Here's a link to the Facebook event.

Friday, we're at the outdoor stage on Shawme Pond in Sandwich from 6:30 - 8:00. Free and outdoors; bring your bug spray.

Saturday, we're playing for a private party.

Sunday, we're joining Stanley and Grimm for their CD release party in Woods Hole at 8:00 pm. Here's a link to that event.

Monday, we celebrate Steve's birthday!!!!!!!

Tuesday, Soul Fry begins Irish step dancing lessons.

Don't ask about Wednesday. We're picking up our veggies at the farm, and then it's a feast. At home. Phew.