Do you feel lucky? Well, do yah?

This is the time of year for dual weddings.

Late afternoon, The Lindsays hit the docks for a breezy Kelliher wedding by the sea, right at the dock in Falmouth Harbor. Glowing white yachts cruised back and forth on the cobalt sea, and we played the Butterfly. The bridesmaids wore variations on turquoise and purple, and the bride and groom filled a vase with flowers... tiger lilies, Gerber daisies, carnations, and cala lily. Beautiful, sublime, peaceful.

Then, Soul Mama turned up the volume, and raced off to Yarmouth for a real-deal Irish wedding at the Sons of Erin, filling in on whistle and sax with the band Inchicore. The air conditioning couldn't compete with fifty sweaty bodies dancing to the Wolfetones, but still it didn't dampen the fun being had. The tunes were fast and loud and freaking fun, and I knew it was the real deal at about 11 when a crowd of Irish men started a kickline to "Go On Home British Soldiers." Ireland does occasionally rear its raucous head on Cape Cod, and when it does, there's nothing for it but a Guinness and a good hearty yeeeeeeee-hooooooooooo!

I drove home at 1 a.m.. barely able to keep my eyes open after a very long day, but thinking to myself that this musician life really is sometimes exactly what it's cracked up to be: a hell of a lot of fun, and worth all that unpaid work that we put into it in our practice rooms and rehearsals. I'll gladly spend an hour loading heavy equipment into the back of the Jeep if I know it means that someone is going to have a wedding that they'll remember the rest of their lives.

Gotta say: Yeah, it would have been nice to be home last night, but you know, Dirty Harry, yes, I DO feel lucky. Lucky to have one of those jobs that you do because you love it, and that gives back more in personal fulfillment than money could ever buy.