There Is No Chatham-by-the-Sea

Last night - much fun! The Lindsays played at the Manchester-by-the-Sea of Cape Cod, which we locals call "Chatham." (We're so cool down here that we don't even have to point out that we're near the ocean. I mean, we're the Cape, for God's sake. Chatham "by the Sea"? Mon Dieu! Tres gauche.)

This time, we were joined by Sean Farias on acoustic upright bass... ooh la la, such a great sound. And the sound of clapping from a big bunch of Chatham vacationers: You can't beat it.

A great night, and we're looking forward to having Sean join us for some gigs in future. Even though Sean is on our upcoming CD, this was actually the first time we'd ever played with him. On the CD, he came in on recommendation of a friend, as a "studio guy," to record his bass tracks on his own, after we'd already done the guitar. Last night, we got to meet him for the second time ever, and then play at the same time. Way more fun.

Irish music + acoustic bass: Sign us up. Whenever possible. Like when he's not already playing jazz, Balkan, or Indian music.

My people, I think we've got a new sound coming your way. Catch Sean with us on August 24 at our annual Church of the Pilgrimage show in Plymouth, Mass.!