Do I have to change my identity so that I can swear here?

Got the call from the CD manufacturer and the CD is in.

Nerves and anxiety, bedamned. I'm so f$%&$($*&%($ excited I can barely work.

In response to my post-project anxiety post, there were all sorts of theories, from dear and loving friends:

One said, "Meditate. Breathe deeply. Be here now. Today is the only day."

One said, "You have castration anxiety and exhibitionist guilt. Suck it up."

One said, "Are you okay? It's hard to be anxious. I get that way, too."

One said, "Stop worrying! You are great!"

Two said, "It's never as good as the next one's gonna be, so get started!"

I said, "Thank you, you terrific people who I love so much. Thank you for being there."

I also say: "We did something big this year, and we hope people like it. At the beginning, we had a sister in town for three days, watching Soul Fry so that we could get started. (I love her.) We had amazing musicians join us. We had a genius at the mixing board, getting incredible sounds, giving us subtle creative direction, and sticking with us on every detail until the very end. We had so much fun. We had fights and epiphanies. We had a fabulous designer do photo shoots and posters and CD covers and download cards and postcards and even our website and now we have a priceless new friend."

And now I say, "HOLY F#$(*&#$. We have a CD today!"

No names have been changed, because there ARE no innocents. Oops. I swore. Please don't tell my daughter.

We have a $(*&#$$# CD today!!!!!

Oh yeah. Here's how you can find out more.


No one deserves success more than you and Steve. Revel in it. Let this moment stay with you for a long time. It's your time, my dear friend. Make the most of it. I'm thrilled for you. T-h-r-i-l-l-e-d!
Soul Mama said…
Thank you Ellen! And we can't wait for your book.... coming next week: "The Essentials of Fabulous." People, look for it!