Blind Tired

I never thought it possible to go blind from tiredness but it (almost) happened to me yesterday. After three CD release gigs, late nights, and a good bit of hoopla, my new glasses did nothing to prevent blindness. Wow. What a weekend.

Now it's Monday and the Lindsays are feeling a little like that sock you found behind the dryer last week: a little linty, crumpled, and you don't know who it belongs to.

But what fun! Best part was the session we had last night at Pilgrim Sands. We invited friends to join us for a session, and a monster night it turned out to be. Denya LeVine, Dinah Mellin, Nikki Engstrom, Rose Clancy, Janine Randall, Sean Brennan, Tom Rohde all in one room: heavenly music, and all for the reason it's there for: fun!

Here's a video from Friday night's show at the Tinker's Son.

Thank you for sticking around to see us through.