Clean Laundry and Burdens Shared: Happy New Year 2016

Are we resolved? walk in the sunshine more?
...spend more playtime with our loved ones? have more music in our lives? more healthfully?
...start writing regularly again? 
...waste less?
...declutter? keep a cleaner home?

(Who's "we," paleface?)

For my dear friends who have told me many times that you miss those days when I was writing, I'm going to try again... Not necessarily because it's a New Year's resolution but more because who doesn't love a fresh start? January 1 is as fresh a start as we are going to get. 

Also, because I loved the connection we had. What we did was acknowledge our shared journey. That was fun.

So let's see... Where were we? Oh yes, practice. Ostensibly it was about practicing music, but really it was about practicing life... out there like undies on a clothesline, saying this:  

We've all got six baskets of laundry to deal with--total pain in the ass--but it's way more fun to fluff and fold if we sing together while we work.

With that in mind, let's get to work.

Are you singing? Good. I'm singing with you. Let's do this.