Sometimes you just have to start.

Day 3. 

Today, instead of writing for 10, I did something else I've been putting off for about five weeks. A bulletin board for my music classroom. I love making things, painting, and decorating. Yet I just couldn't get to this little project. Why? WHY!?!?!?

Well, perhaps my initial idea was too big, too elaborate. I was going to follow the school's ocean theme by creating fish out of musical instruments. A saxophone/eel. A guitar/fish. A bodhran/flounder. Brilliant! And yet I couldn't get started. Plus, I have never actually made a bulletin board for a first grade music classroom. So there's that.

But it is important. See, two of my first grade classes are problems. The kids are all wonderful, but I'm having a hard time keeping order. My colleague suggested that I decorate the room so it will "feel" more like music. Great idea. Last week, I resolved I wouldn't go through another week without at least some music decoration in that room.

Today is my only open block to do any of that sort of work, but I had made other plans for the morning. I had stuff to do. Pack a bag for Soul Fry's after-school swim. Ignore the dishes in the sink (which is a BIG project... it takes days.) Sit in and help out in the classroom that I'm having trouble with, during their regular day. Lots of things, see? Important things.

I was ready to rush out the door, and I remembered my bulletin board. My coat was on. My bag was packed. Then I thought, well, how about make a few music notes out of construction paper and at least stick them on the board? Ok.

Then, I did that and realized I had five notes. The word music has five letters. Ok, draw the letters in the noteheads.  That'll only take a minute or two. Then I thought, hey... I have music room rules. I made one little paper cloud for each rule, matching the color of the notehead it corresponds to.

Then, I thought, I need singers. I drew singers. Then I thought, gosh, these singers need bodies not just heads. So I made five shirts.

And then I was done. I stuck everything into an envelope and rushed out the door, and the rest of the day has proceeded as normal. That took about 10 minutes. And I have what I think turned out to be a half decent bulletin board....

Bulletin board, sweet bulletin board, be it ever so humble.