Day 28, and Where Are You? BAKING.

Thank you, friends, who believe me when I tell you that I am going to write to you everyday. Because then when I don't, you ask me, "Are you ok? I didn't get your blog!" Thank you for listening. Here's why you didn't get it: I DIDN'T WRITE ONE! Wait, no. I didn't write FIVE. Eek. (I'm not yelling, it's the caffeine.)

Reason #1: I'm wicked busy being a parent, a spouse (sometimes), and working too much. Repeat: Working too much. See Day 1.  It's wicked hahd, as we say in Massachusetts. And we do say it.

Reason #2: Self-doubt. As in, "Who do you think you ARE, writing about your life in a way that others might actually get inspired by?" and "Why do you think you have ANYTHING to offer anyone anyway?" and also "Shouldn't you be [playing blocks with your son • helping your daughter with her homework concerns • hanging out with your husband • practicing your instrument • cleaning the bathroom • vacuuming the living room • sending a birthday card • paying a bill • prepping for tax season • raking leaves • ironing socks • getting cardio • eating fiber • calling your father • calling your brother • doing your other brother's resume • calling your sister • calling your husband's mother • calling your friend's brother's mother's sister's mother's father's son] right now?"

So, I have plenty to say, but this week I feel that I am not worthy to say it, because art is actually not necessary. That's why it's so damn hahd to keep doing it. And yet we do.

If all else fails, bake. I made this last night with a few adjustments, and Oh. My. God. You must make:  Raspberry Ricotta Cake.

My substitutions:

1) Use only 1 cup of flour. Instead of that last 1/2 cup flour, use 1/4 cup flax seed meal and 1/4 cup unsweetened coconut.
2) Use one extra egg.
3) Use only 1/2 cup of sugar.
4) Use only 1/4 stick butter, not a whole stick.
5) Consider lightly sugaring the raspberries and letting them sit for like an hour.
6) Use one entire 14-oz container of part-skim ricotta. That's the small one; I think it was 14 oz. Confirming would require me to get up, so I'll leave you on your own, with that one.

Dessert, then breakfast. Trust me.