The Twenty-Year Itch

Ten days ago, I shared with you an article about how we must sometimes neglect the here and now in order to tend to our more heady goals, the things we need to pursue in order to really be the people we think we are—our "future selves," as the article called it.

Well, here at Casa del Soul, Future Self had an important gig on January 14, performing at the Boston Celtic Music Fest. (Oh look, tonight!) So, she ignored writing for a while and instead focused on learning the tunes she had to learn on saxophone. As you can imagine, Future Self is determined to become the best musician she can be. Furthermore, since November, her friends Saxophone and Flute have declared that they wish to be poised and ready to answer the call should they ever be asked to play a birthday party, peaceful protest, or taco fiesta.

Future Self first appeared to Present Self in a yoga rapture in 1997 or so, and pronounced her trinity: music, writing, health. It seemed like a good idea to Present Self's twenty-something brain, and they were married that very day. On New Year's Day twenty years later, Present Self had a sit down with Future Self to renew their vows. The intervening 20 years have given P. S. many occasions to rethink. Present Self has begun to recognize that she really only has time to do one of the above, not all of the above at the same time, especially when she has people to love to love in her life.

She's not giving up, but sometimes Present Self thinks about breaking up with Future Self.

Future Self is very demanding.